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How the game without SL ends – a trader’s story

I knew a trader who made excellent money on oil but played without SL. It did not worry him at all, such trading lasted for several years…

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How the best traders improve their trading: data filtering

The flood of information (information overload) is one of the three main problems that traders complain about.

The best traders have their solutions: they limit the amount of news to the necessary minimum. Too much and not – selected news gives not only a waste of time but also may suggest something that will have a negative impact on the position.

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How to effectively improve your trading

Change comes more easily if it is carried out daily over a long period. And it’s best if the new activity (such as analyzing or watching for a new type of exit) becomes part of your daily routine.

If you find something worth introducing or changing, the best way is to try it every day for a while to form a new habit.

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How the best traders improve their trading: self-development

The best of the best traders are constantly constructively satisfied and at the same time dissatisfied with their achievements.

Traders' StoriesTradingTrading Psychology

Lessons from 50 years of trading experience: key skills and achievements

The best traders I’ve met pointed to survival on the market as their main achievement. By studying their biographies, you can benefit in one particular way: you will strengthen your ability to adapt. Markets are changing and will continue to change, sometimes dramatically. Alternative data, big data and AI are coming into widespread use.


Best Practices in trading: Reduce stress level with cheat sheet

We are not able to stick to the plan, because under stress, our brain starts to work differently. We inherited stress from our ancestors – in an emergency situation they had few choices, very simple choices and none of them included complex intellectual processes. They were the fight, flight or freeze and pretending that they are not there.


How to stop the “emotional stun” in trading?

It happens that traders are stuck in the face of some event in the market. I had this, which led to the loss of the first deposit. After many years, I remember like it was today: I set the trend line on the GBP/JPY and set order of what I thought was right over it. It was a Sunday evening – in a moment the market was about to open. It happened in a moment. For an hour I was watching as it is slowly but steadily moving towards my trend line, then touches it….


What trading system is the best for you?

Imagine that you have easy to understand and use system. You will spend no more than half of the month on the market, and in that time you will earn enough not only to cover your monthly expenses but you will also be able to put more capital into further trades and into increasing positions. You spend up to 2 weeks a month trading. The rest of the time you can use whatever you want eg. relaxation, visiting the family and friend, what you are interested in…

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The cardinal rules of trading according to the best traders in the world

One day I came up with the idea of finding the best traders in the world and then asking them about everything that is relevant for achieving success on the market. I wanted to know their full story — from the beginning, up until now. In the result, I interviewed almost 100 traders from all over the world. One of the questions was “What are the cardinal rules of trading according to you?” Check it out, what some of them told me…


13 Examples of What Triggers Emotions In Trading

Here you will learn about several things that can trigger emotion when trading and throw a trader off balance mentally. Finding that right cause of the problem is a key step to regaining balance and attentiveness for the future.