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New City Trader is a new magazine for traders, portfolio managers and hedge fund managers. From meetings and conversations, we gathered the hottest topics that piqued the interest of traders and managers. Then, we thought it would be a good idea to create a magazine out of it.

Traditional trading and investing is turning on its head. Traders complain about significant changes that are becoming harder and harder to navigate. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of this challenging but fascinating transformation, as it is connected to the extraordinary development of new technologies. We are facing a reshuffle comparable to the introduction of computers to trading followed by universal access to the Internet.

AI, big data, alternative data, automats, hybrid systems… these are just a slice of the future that has just begun for us.


[Understand] This Revolution

In New City Tader we want to point out what will take money away from traders and funds. And on the other hand, what can bring new profits.

You will be introduced to this new and fascinating world. Do you dare to enter? Let’s go, time is running out!

Editor in Chief

Dariusz Swierk [PhD]

Dariusz Swierk PhD - About New City Trader Magazine

Dariusz Swierk, PhD, Editor in Chief of New City Trader and head of the Forex Institute in Europe. Author of pioneering research on the path of the trader’s development, factors of success in trading, the role of internal strength as one of the key elements of success. Author and co-author of several research projects in the field of trading in fast markets. He interviews the world’s best traders, resulting in the book “Conversations with Forex Market Masters”.

Former strategist, consultant and corporate trainer. Author of numerous articles in the specialist press dedicated to management issues. A member of the American Management Association. In 1995 he was recorded in “Who is Who in the World”.

His PhD thesis on the application of stochastics in the physics of electromagnetic field propagation received the Dean’s Award from the Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology, PWr.

He has given interviews and published in, among others: Forbes, Parkiet, CNBC.

Professional interests:
– High Performance Trading & New Psychology of Trading
– Future of trading: AI, multiedge, polymodel, synergy, alternative data, big data
– New sources of trader and fund advantage
– Humanity & AI

Hi. My name is Dariusz Swierk (maybe we’ve already met). I’ve been researching traders for over a dozen years. Also the best traders in the world. I wanted to get to know their secret. As a result, a book was wrote „Conversations with Forex Market Masters” and a comprehensive course for traders on the psychology of trading. It’s composed of 52 lessons containing the knowledge and experience of the best traders and investors.

Now I want to share with you part of this knowledge so please, subscribe to our newsletter and add our email address to your address book, and to the white list. Keep checking your mail box because there will be a lot very interesting and nowhere published materials.


Main Topics
[Get] Our Attention:

Trends and supertrends that will outline the future.

AI, AD, hybrid teams, the war for talent, the rise of automation, saturation with new technologies, changes in attitudes toward risk, capital outflows to the biggest and best. These are a few of the trends you’ll read about here. They will define the future of investing.

New market phenomena and new opportunities.

Changes are not only problems and threats. Some (e.g. the growing number of algorithms) bring opportunities by triggering systematic, predictable market behaviour. We know traders who have made millions on these new market formations.

How to understand

Quants use strategies that are mainly a statistical replication of repeated market movements. Of course, this will not always be the case, but it can be exploited as long as it is. We will describe some of the types of systems and strategies quants use, show you the mindset of the best quants, and how they work in the markets.

Directions for the top and largest funds

Today the directions are set by the collage of alternative data and the adoption of AI tools. Soon, the day’s topic will be hybrid systems, then moving towards “weak signals” with dynamic MM. For the time being, systems will remain based on the decision-making processes of top traders; then, it will all change.

New sources of risk

New market-destabilizing phenomena include:

- shrinking profit margins,
- the outflow of clients (investors) from funds,
- market volatility, lower liquidity,
- difficulties in recruiting good traders and developers,
- new risk factors.

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