„Currently, traders face a simple choice: either strengthen their psyche and increase their market advantage or face long losses and quitting the profession”

Good day Trader!

My name is Dariusz Swierk PhD. I will introduce myself in a moment. Before I do, I want you to take a look at the results of an important study I have in front of me. The research was done by LCH Investments, the oldest hedge fund that only invests in other funds.

According to this research, the top 20 funds earned $22 billion last year. Including only one of them, Citadel, run by Ken Griffin, earned as much as 16 billion. This is a shocking result!

Even more shocking when you consider that the entire industry (according to the same study) lost as much as $208 billion!

What is the reason for such a colossal difference?

The answer is not only have the markets been tougher, but the competitive position of traders has become worse. And there is no indication that it will get better.

The competitive situation has worsened because funds like Citadel are using a new trading model.

Success is never a coincidence

Let’s start with the fact that the same fund in 2008 had a as much as 55% of loss. It was in danger of bankruptcy. The obvious market failure forced Ken Griffin to search for effective solutions. He watched others, started using new technologies, searched for and applied the best practices of the best traders.

Analyzing the best brought an interesting discovery: the best are able to build their market advantage at multiple points in their investment process. He copied this.

Another discovery was how to build an advantage along the entire investment process. This was actually an whole series of discoveries.

The third discovery was to radically improve the learning process of both individual traders and the entire fund. And putting the new knowledge into practice.

The fourth: a new (proactive) way of managing risk in a large fund (this was in part an improvement on the methods previously used by another large fund: Goldman Sachs)

Fifth: the use of alternative data and the combination of all traders’ knowledge: fundamental, technical, mathematical into one smoothly working whole.

But even that is not all. There remain the issues of psychology of trading, that is, strength, mental toughness to be able to perform everything that has been assumed.

A few years ago Ken Griffin in an interview compared the training of Citadel employees to the rigorous training of Navy Seals. Careful selection and then comprehensive preparation about market challenges.

All these elements combined produced a whole new quality. Ken became manager of the year according to LCH Investments’ ranking and, more importantly, his personal wealth increased by $4.1 billion. With prospects of doing the same or better in the years to come.

Your situation is getting worse every day

Strong new competition has emerged in the markets and will grow. More funds, in order not to disappear from the markets, will try to copy the Citadel model. The situation for traders will become more difficult every year. And you will either strengthen your psyche and improve your edge or simply… wipe out of the markets. Just as many of the weaker traders have already vanished.

According to the research I’ve already cited, more than 3,500 funds have disappeared from the market in the last 5 years. And this trend is only accelerating, because traders can’t keep up the results, they can’t stand up to the competition from the best and most prepared.

What is the solution for this problem?

Two prescriptions so you don't slip out of the market

The first stems from the problem itself: try to imitate the best, which is what Citadel does: learn and expand your competitive edge.

The second is to imitate what the best traders in general, multi-millionaires, multi-billionaires both private and from other funds, are doing. When examining this group, several things catch my eye. They not only have slightly better systems, but above all, they are able to use them better.

This is possible for them by a set of traits we call trader’s mental toughness.

The best traders (the highest earners, with the highest status) are definitely more “tough”.  In more difficult situations, they are more confident, have much greater resistance to stress, and do not give in to adversity.

It is this mental toughness that is part of their market advantage. It has been known for some time that the advantage of traders and investors consists of two parts: technical and psychological

What do investors and traders need today to avoid being thrown out of the markets?

In one sentence: They need to strengthen their psyche and improve their competitive edge.

A psychic strengthening program should include the following (based on what qualities the best have):

  • Imitating the approach and reaction to losses of the best.
  • How to maintain focus in the face of chaos and sometimes panic in the markets. Techniques used by London City fund traders.
  • How to strengthen breached confidence?
  • How to build long-term confidence?
  • How to strengthen resistance to strong stress? How to turn off a strong stress reaction to practically zero? Navy Seals techniques.
  • What should good entry preparation look like? Techniques of one of the world’s trading champions.
  • How to maintain strong discipline when around chaos, volatility, uncertainty of what will happen?
  • Plus a dozen similar topics.

A program for improving your own competitive position should include the following:

  • What do the next steps of a good process look like? Examples of investment processes of the best.
  • How do the best traders and the best funds build an advantage today and how will they build in the future?
  • How they are improving their processes (critically important, not available anywhere).
  • You won’t find this kind of analysis of sources of advantage anywhere except in the largest and most profitable funds.
  • Not everything can be applied to retail trading, but it is important to know the entire process and improve those elements that the trader has influence over. This is the price of staying in the market today.

Key mental traits you need on your path to trading success

  1. Coping well with severe stress, pressure of situations and events
  2. Maintaining discipline in situations of volatility, chaos and uncertainty
  3. Ability to maintain focus and stick to a plan despite everything.
  4. The ability to deal with losses, even large ones, without damaging discipline and subsequent inputs.
  5. Better handling challenging situations.
  6. Maintaining a positive, optimistic attitude, especially in moments of failure and loss.
  7. Maintaining a steady course of action despite obstacles and setbacks.
  8. Having the courage to take risks.

When you will need these solutions

They are needed if you have one or more of the problems listed:

To lack an advantage is to use the same systems and analysis as everyone else – as a result, if the system works you are left with little liquidity to exploit. But it’s often the case that popular systems lose their edge because someone improves signals and comes in earlier. Or the markets change their way of moving i.e. “change their logic”.

Thanks to this training, you can achieve

Here you will get professional knowledge comes from the best traders

Dariusz Swierk PhD - About New City Trader Magazine

Now a few promised sentences about me. My name is Dariusz Swierk, I have a PhD (physics) and I have been researching traders for about 15 years. To be precise, research of the best ones. Many years ago I started with a book of interviews "Conversations with Forex Market Masters". Over the years I have accumulated knowledge and research. Now I am the publisher of a magazine for professional traders in the City of London.

To summarize the knowledge I have accumulated over a dozen years, I have prepared a training course for professional traders

The knowledge you will get comes from:

In short: the best in the world, people under tremendous pressure, including soldiers in the most hostile and dangerous environments.

Check out what you will get during the training

  • Methods of dealing with stress
  • Building one’s own attitude towards losses using the attitudes of top professional traders as an example.
  • Mental training of the best: an introduction to Navy Seals mental techniques.
  • The technological advantage of the best funds and the best traders: part one.
  • Navy Seals super-meditation.
  • Exercise to help quickly boost confidence. What is self-confidence and how to develop it?
  • Technological advantage of top traders.
  • Managing the internal dialogue according to Navy Seals principles.
  • An exercise to work with the strengths and weaknesses of the trader’s psyche.
  • What is and how to use the trader’s main mental toughness model (Supermodel MT).
  • The traditional way of setting SMART goals does not work! How to improve it?
  • Scenario planning: a tool to effectively improve performance and reduce stress.
  • How to deal with perfectionism?
  • Psychological advantage enhancement tools used by top traders.
  • Simple exercises to strengthen discipline.
  • How to regain control of yourself and the situation?
  • Tools of the best traders: focus and refocus in situations of volatility, emotion and chaos. 
  • Planning secrets of the best traders.
  • Tools to help you lead and persist in a position.
  • How to deal with catastrophic losses, how the best traders handle them.
  • Post trade analysis as a tool for improving performance.
  • Feedback loop – a tool of the best for building a systematic advantage.
  • More than 50 of the most important trading problems with solutions.

Improve Your Results With The Methods Used By Traders In THE BEST Funds In The World!

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Important Note

This is not a training for beginner traders, it’s a training for people who are professional traders (investors) or are thinking seriously about making a living investing in the markets.


.What will your training look like?

The training includes 8 video lessons, sometimes with accompanying supplementary materials in pdf or mp3.

Each lesson contains several topics and explained exercises (some as many as a dozen) and the average time per lesson is about 80 minutes. There are shorter lessons but there are also longer ones. As always in our training courses there is a lot of new knowledge and new exercises with explanations of how to do them and what results to expect.

A bonus to the training is material with short answers, exercises and solutions to more than 50 problems in trading.

This is not a training for beginner traders, it's a training for people who are professional traders (investors) or are thinking seriously about making a living investing in the markets.

.How are lessons sent?

Within a few hours (max 24) after the payment is credited, we will activate access to the first material for you. We will send the access data to the email you provide in the order. The same for subsequent lessons - you will receive information directly to your email.

.What is needed to use the training?

All you need is a web browser and internet access. Optionally, a program to open PDFs (such as the free Adobe Acrobat).

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