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Huge Changes, New Ideas & [Decline] Of Traditional Investing

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New City Trader is a new magazine for traders, portfolio managers, hedge fund managers, fund owners.

Traditional trading and investing is turning on its head. Traders complain about significant changes that are becoming harder and harder to navigate. AI, alternative data, automats, hybrid systems…

In this magazine, we want to help you understand this novelty. We want to point out what will take money away from traders and funds. And on the other hand, what can bring new profits.

Trends & Supertrends That Shape Your Future

AI, alternative data, hybrid teams, the war for talent, the rise of automation, saturation with new technologies, changes in attitudes toward risk, capital outflows to the biggest and best. These are a few of the trends you'll read about here. They will define the future of investing. 


Decline of Traditional Investing & new sources of risk

New market-destabilizing phenomena include shrinking profit margins, the outflow of clients (investors) from funds, market volatility, lower liquidity, difficulties in recruiting good traders and developers, new risk factors.


Largest funds’ systems and startegies

Today the directions are set by the collage of alternative data and the adoption of AI tools. Soon, the day's topic will be hybrid systems, then moving towards "weak signals" with dynamic MM. For the time being, systems will remain based on the decision-making processes of top traders; then, it will all change.

Future is... NOW

The Art & [Craft] of Investing Now & In The Future

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Alternative data
  • Quants: Friends or Foes?
  • New trading technology
  • Trends and supertrends
  • Two trading revolutions
  • Dark clouds over the future of funds
  • New sources of risk
  • Hybrid teams
  • Billion-dollar trade
  • How to train the best traders
  • How do the best traders deal with catastrophic losses?
  • Systems of the bigges funds




Hot topic in current issue:

Introduction of [Artificial Intelligence] to Trading

What it entails, what it offers, how it will develop.

The second main topic is the Alternative Data revolution. It is mainly thanks to it that the world of investing is being turned on its head. It is now the most critical source of competitive advantage for the biggest funds.

The third vital topic is a new look at the psyche of the best traders: as it turns out, discipline is not the most important thing. The best traders have something different.

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New City Trader

In The [Future] Issues

Billion-dollar trade

A few remarks on the "all-time trade" that happened in 2020. We have an idea of how to capture similar market situations (on a smaller scale so far), and we will describe it. A story in which "steel balls" play one of the leading roles

How to train the best traders

A few remarks on an interesting statement by Ken Griffin from Citadel about Navy Seals training applied to trader training. Considering the results of traders in Citadel, this is an exciting topic

Dark clouds over the future of funds

In AI-powered economy the winner takes it all—an article about the inevitable changes that AI will bring about. As a result of increased competition, many funds will disappear. We will try to describe how the industry will evolve and what to do to stay in it

Some reasons why you won't learn a new system quickly even if you want to and need to

We discuss the mistakes that traders and their teachers/mentors make when teaching systems. Education costs a lot of time, money and often results in poor performance. Finally, we discuss remedies - how to speed up the learning process and improve results

How do the best traders deal with catastrophic losses?

The best ones are the best also because they survive significant losses and come back to the market stronger and better. We have studied such traders for years. We will discuss some of the traits that make this possible. You will learn how they overcome stress, anguish, feelings of failure, frustration, hostile environment, mood swings and painful memories

Systems of the biggest

What do the quant systems of the biggest funds look like (and how do they work)? A series of articles for discrete traders - we'll show you how the algorithms move the markets. Then, we will provide examples of quant systems to give traders an idea of how they work and where to expect their reactions

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