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Learn how to trade: 2 unexpected tools that help you understand trading strategy

Learn how to trade: 2 unexpected tools that help you understand trading strategy

2 tools to help you understand the system. Learn how to trade by following live trading and by…. teaching others. That’s right!

How to tell if your new trading strategy works

How to tell if your new trading strategy works (for beginner traders)

The mentor doesn’t have to make money anymore, because, for example, he may already have a large fortune and he doesn’t want to trade, but this is a worse situation. Then be sure to pay attention to whether his students are earning with this system on their own.

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How to deal with trading losses: 5 steps to overcome loss in trading

The reasons you get punched in the face in trading can be many: an attack on a refinery, a bombing, a flash crash, … or more mundane: a strong move and sl. A quick rise in price followed by an even quicker fall. An upward impulse, a downward impulse and a breakout of previous lows. You are on the minus side.

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How to become even more profitable trader: the 1 rule you need to master

The only rules you need to start being a profitable trader: the right preparation.
The growth of a trader is an exhausting journey. The market hits all the technical and psychological weaknesses we have one by one. It causes losses and painful emotions. Check how to deal with it?

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Mental Toughness: How to become a successful trader? Learn key secrets of best traders.

In the long run, the best and mentally strongest traders are characterized by Mental Toughness to losses and big losses, ability to cope with long periods of losses and then bounce back.

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Underestimated sources of stress in trading. Yet critically important.

A minor problem in trading that has occurred may be felt by you as very painful and serious at a time when you are particularly sensitive to stress, when your mental condition is weakened. The cumulations of negative events affect your trading results, especially losses and mistakes. It is best not to trade then.

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The 7 books on trading that every trader should read

People learn from their mistakes, smart people learn from the mistakes (and successes) of others. A nice shortcut is to read books containing biographies and interviews with successful traders. These books every trader should know.

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What are qualities of successful traders?

This post is hugely important, especially for traders outside of funds.
The basis is to observe the best traders, a specific behavior when they are successful.
Interestingly, the same behavior is observed in the most outstanding athletes, businessmen, members of elite special units.

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BITCOIN: 10 good reasons that we may witnessing the end of the dips

The current chart indicate the last stages of market manipulation. Research confirms interest in BTC from major investors is growing.

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How to choose a trading broker?

Beginning traders often ask us how to choose a legit forex broker. In this regard, we have a few tips.

Choose a good reputation (check reviews), big broker in your country. In case of a legal dispute you always have a chance and it’s easier.