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Stress In Trading: Manage The State Of Your Mind

Good preparation, good comprehensive knowledge of the system and practicing it in a multitude of equal situations is the best recipe for good results and low stress. Because you will be very, very, very well prepared.

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How the best traders improve their trading: self-development

The best of the best traders are constantly constructively satisfied and at the same time dissatisfied with their achievements.

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The cardinal rules of trading according to the best traders in the world

One day I came up with the idea of finding the best traders in the world and then asking them about everything that is relevant for achieving success on the market. I wanted to know their full story — from the beginning, up until now. In the result, I interviewed almost 100 traders from all over the world. One of the questions was “What are the cardinal rules of trading according to you?” Check it out, what some of them told me…