The best of the best traders are constantly constructively satisfied and at the same time dissatisfied with their achievements.

They are pleased because they see that they are achieving much more than others. But this doesn’t stop them from growing and they don’t settle on their laurels. Maybe it’s because they know how fleeting success in trading can be, so they constantly develop and work to be even better.

With this approach, the success of others becomes an interesting confirmation that if someone has achieved it then… it’s possible, you just have to figure out how and move in that direction improving what you can along the way.

To improve their trading they try to understand what makes up their success, their market advantage, and try to improve every element of it.

And every day they try to be better than who they were yesterday. Even if it’s a very, very small thing.

Small improvements put together, over a period of, say, a year, yield huge improvements.

“The trader’s real adversary is himself.”
– Mostafa Belkhayate, a billion-dollar trader, in a book “Conversations with Forex Market Masters”


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