Maybe the losses you’re taking have something to do with each other?

Maybe you are adjusting your SL and increasing your losses when you should be cutting them mercilessly?

This is an example of how the psyche worsens the performance of a system by creating in us the short-term but toxic hope that the market will turn around.

It does not make sense, if the trade stops meeting the assumptions it is better for the overall result to run away from the position and not to code in your psyche that “you can wait because the market sometimes turns”.

It may even happen that the market will reverse five times, but not the sixth time, and you will lose 30-40% of your account.

A position closed at SL according to the rules is ten times better than a position held and closed on the upside – but outside all the rules of the system.

This simple thing should be periodically reminded to traders so that they are not tempted.


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