Growth in trading take 2 paths: technical or psychological

Technical changes are improvements to the system. In psychological way you look for your weaknesses, and when you find them, you treat working on them as a step forward.

Most people when confronted with their weaknesses prefer to turn away and close their eyes. There’s no different with traders on the market. Often because weaknesses are a threat to our good self-image, the good opinion we have of ourselves.

The best traders do things differently. They know that finding and fixing their weaknesses will move them into easier work and better financial results in the future.

Example: they hold a position to TP or close it technically because of the system rules, not because of the emotions that the market has sparked in them.

“Slowly removing weaknesses and building strength in many places adds up to a whole new quality of your trading.”

That is why the best traders are happy when they find something to improve and they’re sure that it is something important. They have something specific to work with, which is likely to bring good results.

The best traders are constantly evolving and learning, and this is more important than ever. It’s because there is a very dynamic development of AI in trading on the side of big players, so individual traders are subjected to new and strong pressure, and this is just the beginning.

Find – improve.


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